Zinc oxides

Zinc oxides (ZnO) 

Zinc oxide is a compound that enters into the production of a wide range of products. In particular, it is primarily used in the following industries:

  • Rubber
  • Tires
  • Ceramic
  • Animal feed
  • Chemicals

SILOX Canada inc. offers a complete range of regular and active zinc oxide grades to address various customer needs. SILOX is the only manufacturer in North America of zinc oxides with high specific surface area that are renowned for their quality and their exceptional performances. Our range of active zinc oxides is particularly useful in the rubber industry, notably in EPDM, because of its excellent reactivity, and because it perfectly matches the needs, performance, and specific requirements of this industry.

Regular ZnO

The rubber and tire industries have for a long time used these grades of oxides due to their ease of dispersion in rubber compounds and the reproducibility of their rheological properties. Because of their low heavy metal content (Pb, Cd...), they also meet recycling requirements in these areas.

Technical and safety data sheets

Active ZnO

In many applications, grades with high specific surface area allow more than remarkable savings because of their high reactivity and their excellent dispersion and fluidity properties.

The principal advantages of active zinc oxides are listed below:

  • Reduced ZnO usage in rubber applications with equal performance
  • Very high level of activity, even in very low concentrations
  • High level of purity: very low heavy metal content
  • Increased production capacity
  • Improved physical properties
  • Better resistance to compression set
  • Better ageing resistance