Starting in 1996, Hydro Technologies’ mission has been to be the best in its industry. The result is conclusive and unquestionable. Today, we are the leader in pulp and paper bleaching formulations, while its team’s innovation continues to develop unique zinc oxide grades, which are in great demand from the specialized chemistry industries.

Under it's new name SILOX Canada inc., great emphasis is placed on research, development, innovation and technical support. Our company is proud to employ highly qualified individuals that are entirely dedicated to this purpose and to our clients.

At the same time that others have decided to cut back their efforts in research, development, innovation, and technical support, SILOX Canada inc. persists and trusts in these values in the spirit of surpassing itself, and accomplishing the best possible results, guaranteeing long lasting partnership and economic advantages for both itself and its clients.

Safety, Innovation, Commitment

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