Custom bleaching solutions

HY BRITE® liquors: formulated, custom-made, simple to use, very safe, from a source close to the consumer

Unlike systems that use dissolving or borohydride/SO2 reactions, HY BRITE® liquors are formulated, custom-made, simple to use, very safe, from a source close to the consumer.

  • Formulated: Just one product to manage and no need for additional process equipment. Stable product concentration since the product assay always complies with the specifications shown on the technical data sheet.
  • Custom-made: developed to satisfy the needs of each customer by using additives offering peak performances and economic savings.
  • Simple to use: Ready to use HY BRITE® formulations eliminate the need for manpower to handle totes (semi-bulk). For users, HY BRITE® is the pinnacle of simplicity.
  • A safe alternative to other hydrosulfite based bleaching agents:
    • Risks of spontaneous combustion and fire are eliminated, since hydrosulfite powder is spontaneously flammable when exposed to humidity.
    • Elimination of risks associated with the handling of sulphur dioxide (SO2), a gas required in some on-site hydrosulfite production processes.
  • Elimination of costs associated with:
    • Maintenance of manipulation equipments
    • Manipulation of chemical totes (semi-bulk)
    • Material loss associated with powder dissolution
    • Elimination of the capital investments to purchase dissolving units or reactors and the costs of maintaining them.
  • Short distance to consumer: Infallible supply availability compared to imported powder.

One of the characteristics of HY BRITE® bleaching liquors is their high concentration of hydrosulfite and active ingredients. This allows for a reduced frequency of shipments.