The Team

Unequalled technical support, well-recognized by our customers

Since its start-up in 1996, SILOX Canada inc. has carved out an enviable position on the hydrosulfite and zinc oxide market, not only as a result of the performance of its products but also due to the outstanding quality of its technical support team. SILOX owes much of its success to its innovative business vision:

Providing unparalleled technical support to our clientele will, in the long run, not only ensure
their prosperity but also our business partnership

The chemists who make up our technical support team are specialized in the fields where our products are used. They work jointly with our customers to significantly help them to achieve their objectives.

  • Audit of process
  • Process optimization (bleaching conditions)
  • User training
  • Periodic on-site verification of equipment
  • Follow-up meetings and active presence in our clients operations
  • Analytical tests (Ex: Thiosulfate ions analysis, pH, titrations, etc.)
  • In-plant trials
  • Laboratory simulations
  • Remote monitoring of HY BRITE rate of usage and intervention if needs be