SILOX Canada inc., formally known as Hydro Technologies (Canada) Inc., was the first company in Canada to simultaneously manufacture sodium hydrosulfite and zinc oxide, and above all to develop those two products without releasing any effluents.

Since its beginnings in 1996, the plant, using a process called « zinc process », runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and never stops bringing improvements to this process, making it an optimized and efficient operation. The main steps in its development are outlined as follows:


Plant start-up


First increase in the plant’s production capacity


First ISO 9002 certification

Awarded the Trophy « Vision » for emerging visionary business of the year, given by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Metropolitan Quebec

SILOX extended its zinc oxide portfolio to include new value-added grades for the rubber market. As a result of this investment, SILOX became the only North-American manufacturer able to supply high surface area zinc oxide to the rubber industry


ISO 9001: 2000 certification

Second increase in the plant’s production capacity

"Innovation en Santé et Sécurité du Travail" award (CSST). SILOX, having safety of its employees as its highest priority, received this prestigious award following a notable improvement in product handling at its plant


SILOX celebrates its 10-year anniversary and receives the « Gold Star » award from the Cercle d’affaire « Esteller » for its contribution to business development


ISO 9001:2008 certification

Program put in place to reduce costs and raise productivity

Active member of a mutual company in health and safety, enabling the sharing and improvements of good practices in the chemical industry


C-T PAT certification regarding best practices in prevention of terrorism

Unequalled record in safety and a distinction in chemistry industries, 787 days without time-lost incidents

Improvement in the packaging of solid products enabling a better flexibility and answering new needs from the industry


Announcement of a major $20 million investment

Safety record worthy of mention in the chemical industry: 884 days without a lost time accident


The construction of the new plant is completed


The startup of the new plant has been completed

Attained a record of 1615 days without a lost time accident


Attained a record of 2382 days without a lost time accident


ISO 9001:2015 certification


Name change to SILOX Canada inc. following our group strategy to share a common brand within different assets located around the world including Silox Belgium and Silox India

Startup of a new automatized packaging line for zinc oxide

The shareholders of SILOX Canada inc., majority shareholder Belgium group Silox (www.silox.com) and Canadian Gestion Infilise Inc., are consequently pleased and proud of participating in the success and important growth of SILOX Canada inc. Their knowledge and expertise in their respective businesses were a major factor in the success and innovation of our company.