HY BRITE® bleaching liquors

Our various HY BRITE® formulations consist of a basic element, sodium hydrosulfite (SHS), and are developed as custom-made, in order to answer the needs of each customer by using specific additives that offer peak performances and economic savings.

At the outset and throughout our business relationships, our technical support team is committed to ensuring that each customers’ plant is supplied with the best formulation for its needs. For this reason, lab tests and periodic assessment of bleaching processes are conducted as an integral part of our performance follow-up program.

Technical data sheets and Safety Data Sheets

Effective and high quality products!

HY BRITE® liquors are superior to traditional hydrosulfite solutions due to the special additives used in their manufacture. The synergistic effect of the additives maximizes the bleaching properties of hydrosulfite while other additives significantly extend its stability.

Lab tests and plant trials have repeatedly and consistently shown significantly improved bleaching gains when using HY BRITE® liquors compared to bleaching with hydrosulfite alone.